(applet version 11/2002)

Using the worker Sokoban  you must push all the boxes package, one at a time, to the black positions.

You can use the arrow keys to move the worker.

Or click on an empty field to move the worker to that field, if possible.

Clicking on a box will push that box if the worker is in an adjacent position.

To undo a move click the right mouse button or press the Backspace key.

There are have been solved.

If you find the first, or a better solution to a level, you will be asked to send it in an email, which the program will prepare for you.

The original Sokoban was written by Hiroyuki Imabayashi

The levels were created by Thinking Rabbit,  Howard Abed David Holland David Skinner Yoshio Murase,  Youichi Koyama, Jacques Duthen Frederik Goethals François Marques Aymeric du Peloux Kevin B Reilly Gerald Holler Konstantin Bozeberg Kobus Theron Evgeniy GrigorievLee J HaywoodThomas Reinke, and Gabi Lohmeyer

The design was borrowed from the Sokoban version by Alan B. Liss.

Download  applet only(28 kb)applet with all levels and solutions (983 kb)

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